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Crossroads Community Outreach




At Crossroads we realize a person’s circumstances do not always fit the mold of most organizations. We don’t ask that people meet certain criteria.  Our vision is to simply meet people at whatever crossroad they may face in life & then create our service plans accordingly & this process begins with providing any emergency needs.


We provide one on one case management for each of our clients.




Crossroads will provide helps people meet basic needs by providing assessment, advocacy, direct service, information and referral to residents in the service area. Outreach Workers assist clients with services which will include from a network of community agencies and providers offering services and resources for specific crisis needs.  Outreach workers will help clients apply for assistance with programs such as Food Stamps, Housing (long term or temp) and WIC. Crossroads will also provide direct services and immediate assistance necessary to alleviate the family's crisis situation and stabilize their lives. Direct services assist clients with:

•Food Pantries• Emergency Transportation Assistance •Health Providers

•Homeless Shelters •Employment and Training Programs •Substance Abuse Counseling • Emergency Gas vouchers •Child Care/Voucher Care •All Self Help Programs

 EVENTS: Community Outreach Workers will also hold periodic workshops as well as participate in a wide variety of community events such as back to school, school breaks and summer camps. Workshops cover a wide range of issues including

•Skill Building/Self Sufficiency •Nutrition Education •Community Resources

•Employment Readiness/Resources


Getting individuals on a path back home. Specifically designed to help our growing homeless population. A broad segment of the homeless population is without hope, disengaged from the community and no longer accessing services through the traditional agency system. Our Mission: At Crossroads we recognize that many of the people we serve are without hope, disengaged from the community and no longer accessing services through the traditional agency system. Our goal is to bridge that gap: to instill a sense of hope in the people we serve, reconnect them to the community and provide them with the services and support that they need to survive, move forward, escape homelessness and become self-sufficient. Our Program Goals: Our staff and volunteers will distribute life-sustaining supplies, share information about services in the community and offer hope, companionship and support to everyone whom we see.


1.Develop personal relationships and trust

2.Provide emergency products & services (food, water, blankets and clothing and referrals to agencies who provide temporary emergency housing)

3.Share information about/make connections to community resources

4.Serve as a companion as people navigate the often-complex social-service system

5.Serve as a liaison between people experiencing homelessness and the broader community

6.Gather data

7.Help people escape homelessness and regain self-sufficiency through job and skill training, life coaching and networking with other agencies to provide necessary resources including housing.


 We work as advocates and also operate as a liaison between those we serve and existing businesses, organizations, non-profits, city officials, the legal and judicial systems. This advocacy is designed to give a voice to our clients and also to invoke social change and encourage individual, family, community and economic development and empowerment.





Our programs are also offered in the evenings to enable working parents to attend. Child care is offered at no cost to participants of our programs. By removing this barrier, parents have a safe and secure environment for their children while they work towards improving their family’s future.